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Clinical Supervision for Care Homes

Working within the adult care sector is a rewarding and fulfilling career but there are times when additional support is needed to maintain the wellbeing of those most affected by its challenges and demands.


The COVID-19 pandemic placed immense pressure on care staff, residents and their visitors which, as a result of, may have significantly affected their wellbeing.  Over recent years, care home staff have dealt with unprecedented amounts of additional worry, stress and anxiety as have residents, friends and families of those in care.


Wellbeing can be supported and developed using a method which is a requirement within the mental health sector and has been used effectively in other care settings including hospices and some care homes. Workers are supported through clinical supervision which provides a confidential space for staff to talk through any anxieties or concerns they may have in order to support the individual, wider team and the service as a whole. This model is invaluable to those who access it as it gives staff time to reflect and talk openly about their feelings and emotions in one to one or group meetings either in person or online.

Sessions aim to achieve:

• Understanding the emotional impact of bereavement and loss

• Reducing stress related illness and improving staff retention

• Building emotional resilience and improving self esteem

• Empowering individuals to perform to their full potential

• Developing skills to support the needs of other team members

• Delivering wider benefits to care services – supporting residents and visitors

Care staff are very likely to feel affected and bereaved when a resident they have closely supported dies. It is important to acknowledge how staff may be affected and for them to have the opportunity and time to reflect on and process their feelings of loss. It is good practice that staff are given the time to talk openly about their feelings and emotions. Staff also need to have the importance of the care they deliver to residents and the support they give to families acknowledged.


Grief may take some time to surface in staff following a death and exposure to the grief of others may also present challenges. Ongoing, regular support for care workers is essential for emotional wellbeing and developing resilience in the workplace. Making time available for staff to talk through their experiences and feelings is paramount in sustaining a quality service and staff retention.


Changes to the performance of the individual and the general atmosphere within the workplace can be realised within a few sessions. However, clinical supervision is not intended as a quick remedy and it is recommended that sessions should be regularly maintained and attended.

I have a professional practice in Watford, Hertfordshire where I deliver face-to-face and online sessions.  I am also able to deliver on-site sessions at your place of work.


Individual session (60 mins)                              £65

Group Session                                                    Negotiable

(Rates dependent on group size and duration of session)

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