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Counselling Service

Counselling offers an environment in which you can express your feelings and gain deeper insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing.   Counselling is confidential and non-judgemental and offers a space where your thoughts and feelings are heard and acknowledged.


We are all unique and there are a diverse range of situations and experiences that can cause us emotional distress.  No matter what the cause, emotional pain can feel highly debilitating but talking through concerns with a counsellor can help you develop a better understanding of yourself, your thoughts and behaviours.  With this understanding, you can begin to make positive changes which can relieve you of feelings that might otherwise be overwhelming.


As well as individual counselling, I also offer couple and relationship therapy, facilitating and supporting with: identifying the underlying reasons for challenges within relationships; improving communication skills; understanding and resolving conflict; reconnecting and/or rediscovering moments of connection and attachment.

I offer short-term counselling, between 8-20 sessions with a focus on a particular difficulty or concern, or open-ended to enable exploration of deep-rooted feelings and past experiences that can affect how we deal with things in the present.  I begin with an initial assessment which determines whether the counselling I offer is appropriate to your needs and also for you to decide if you would like to work with me.  

I offer face-to-face, or online counselling (daytime and evening sessions subject to availability).  


Individual counselling session £65 (50 mins)

Couple and relationshipTherapy £100 (60 mins)

I do not offer a crisis service or emergency response.  In the event of an emergency please contact NHS direct telephone 111, your GP, the emergency services or the Samaritans freephone 116 123.

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