Supervision for Staff within the Educational Sector

Education continues to be increasingly target focused with staff and children exposed to frequent assessment against rigid control measures. Paradoxically, the school environment exposes staff to children and families with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Meeting performance management targets in such a fluid environment is extremely challenging, in addition to dealing with additional complexities resulting from COVID-19.


Current expectation and climate places the health and well-being of staff at risk. This can be detrimental to the learning experience and overall school performance. This issue can be tackled by supporting staff using pastoral and emotional supervision techniques commonly used within the health and social care sectors. One to one or group supervision sessions offer a safe, containing and confidential environment for individuals to reflect on their experiences with a trained professional. They are usually held on a monthly or weekly basis depending on need. 


Sessions aim to achieve:

• Building emotional resilience and improving self esteem

• Personal growth and development

• Reducing stress related illness and improving staff retention

• Developing skills to support the needs of others

• Improving the teaching/learning experience for all

• Empowering individuals to perform to their full potential


Changes to the performance of the individual and the general atmosphere within the classroom and wider school can usually be realised within a few sessions. However, supervision is not intended as a quick remedy and it is recommenced that sessions should be regularly maintained and attended.

I have a practice room in Watford, Hertfordshire where I deliver face-to-face, or online sessions.   I am also able to deliver on-site sessions at your place of work.


One to one session (1 hour)                               £60

Group Session                                                     Negotiable

(Rates will be dependent on group size and duration of session)